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@ParisHilton tweets: Rumors going around are ridiculous, untrue and cruel

September 1, 2010 Leave a comment


It must be hard to be in the spotlight all the time.  Many choose to be  in the spotlight, however Paris Hilton was born in the spotlight.

Recently Paris was arrested for possession of cocaine and since the incident on last Friday everybody and their mother, father, sister and brother has added their little pinch of spice to the stew; some true? and some not true.

Paris Hilton tweets the following:

ParisHilton:  These rumors going around are so ridiculous, untrue and cruel. I’m not going to even pay attention to them, because I know the truth.


Paris Hilton: The cocaine found near my Zig Zag wrappers was gum: what?

August 31, 2010 1 comment


In the case (#10F16589X) of The State of Nevada, Plaintiff versus Paris Whitney Hilton #2756392, Defendant, Hilton committed the crime of possession of controlled substance (Felony – NRS 453.36).

Hilton may have been in the clear if it were not for the old lip balm in the purse foiling the day.  According to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Arrest Report, Lieutenant D. Flynn states the following

Hilton said she needed to put some lip balm on, and I handed her the purse from the table.  As she began to open it, I saw a small bindle of what I believed to be cocaine in a clear baggy begin to fall from the purse into my hand.  I then immediately took the purse and dropped the bindle back on the top (waiting for another officer to witness the recovery).

Wow!  I was with them up until the point of the small bindle falling into the hands of the officer.  That definitely read like a  Hollywood spoof script.  However that is up to the jury (if there will be a jury) to decide.

The saga continues when Officer R. Reyes (female officer) arrives, along with Sergeant J. Oaks …

I then reopened the purse and removed the suspected bindle of cocaine.  I then read Hilton her Miranda rights … After I read Hilton her Miranda rights, she told me the purse was not hers, and that she had borrowed it from a friend.

I asked Hilton whose cocaine it was, and she said she had not seen it but now thought it was gum.

Uhm … Paris … now you did not believe that one yourself.  When did gum come in a powdered form that needed to be stored in a bindle?  And when did you have to start borrowing purses?

Hilton admitted that Zig Zag wrappers found in the purse, that did not belong to her, were hers.  Zig Zag wrappers are sometimes used as wrappings to smoke marijuana.

The bindle was tested and came back positive for cocaine.  The powder weighed .8 grams.

I’m pretty sure Hilton’s attorney will be working around the clock to find loop holes in this case.

A spokesman for the Clark County District Attorney’s Office tells E! News …

Hilton’s count carries a minimum term of one year and a maximum term of four years, along with a $5,000 fine. However, the spokesman adds, “the court could sentence her to a term of probation, rather than prison time.”

Hilton has not commented on the arrest aside from a tweet thanking fans for their support. Her lawyer, David Chesnoff, previously cautioned people “not to rush to judgment.”

Paris Hilton’s attorney ‘encourages people not to rush to judgment’ [video]

August 28, 2010 1 comment

If it were not for bad luck Paris Hilton would have none: Hilton arrested on cocaine charges

August 28, 2010 3 comments


Mug shot of Paris Hilton.

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Paris Hilton really needs to get her act together.  She was recently sued for millions of dollars because she wore the wrong hair and now she has been arrested on cocaine charges.

The car she was in was pulled over because police officers suspected the smoke wafting out the windows of the car was that of marijuana.  Hold the presses, does marijuana smoke look different than cigarette smoke?

Spokesperson for Las Vegas police, Marcus Martin said Hilton spent a few hours at the Clark County Detention Center in Las Vegas on Friday night.  She was released Saturday morning on her own recognizance.

According to AP …

If convicted of the low-grade felony, Hilton would get probation. Any violation of probation would be punishable by one to four years in Nevada state prison

CNN says …

Last month, Hilton was briefly detained in South Africa for allegedly smoking marijuana at the World Cup. Her publicist called the July 2 incident “a complete misunderstanding,” and the case was dropped.

Sources that spoke to Paris after her arrest tell TMZ …

she insists the purse — with what we’re told contained a small amount of cocaine — was not hers.

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