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Chilean miner Edison Pena surfaces to hear he has been invited to Graceland

October 14, 2010 1 comment

Edison Pena was trapped in a mine in Chile for 69 days, along with 32 other miners.  Pena along with the other miners was rescued on Wednesday.

Pena is an Elvis fan and upon his rescue in a capsule that brought him above ground, he was informed that he has a standing invitation to Graceland.  The invitation includes an all-expense paid trip to Graceland and tour of Graceland, where Elvis lived for 20 until his death on August 16, 1977.

Elvis Presley Enterprises heard that Pena was a huge Elvis fan and sent him several items, including DVDs (“Jailhouse Rock”, “Viva Las Vegas” and more), CDs, a book, sunglasses and a picture.

“It just seemed it was the right thing to do for someone who is an Elvis fan, to send him some things that might keep them entertained,” company spokesman Kevin Kern said.

Kern understands that Pena will need time to reunite with his loved ones and does not expect an immediate answer from Pena.

Pena was said to be the most depressed of the 33 miners.  He asked for rescuers to send down a photo of the sun for him to view.  He also jogged on a regular in a tunnel that was not blocked by the collapse.

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Calif. porn actor tests positive for HIV

October 12, 2010 Leave a comment

An adult porn actor, whose name and gender have not been released, has tested positive for HIV at a California Clinic.

Adult Industry Medical Healthcare Foundation spokeswoman Jennifer Millers says the clinic is working to notify individuals that may have been affected.

AIMH is a San Fernando Valley clinic that was “created to care for the physical and emotional needs of sex workers and the people who work in the Adult Entertainment Industry.”

Last year, a woman tested positive for HIV immediately after making an adult film, and in 2004, an HIV outbreak affecting several actors briefly shut down productions at several California studios. (AP)

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4 men sent to hospital for stab wounds after a brawl near The Thirsty Turtle

October 12, 2010 3 comments

Four men were stabbed during a brawl near The Thirsty Turtle on Baltimore Avenue in College Park, Maryland about 1:30 a.m. on Tuesday.

Three of the men attended the University of Maryland, College Park campus.

One man suffered cuts on his back while another suffered cuts on his back and face.

It is a sad day when one is happy to hear of 4 men sent to the hospital due to stab wounds opposed to being shot to death.

Police are still investigating this incident.


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Armless toe pianist wins ‘China’s Got Talent’

October 11, 2010 Leave a comment

Beijing native Liu Wei is a musician who had both of his arms amputated after he suffered an electrical shock during a game of hide-and-seek at the age of 10.  At the age of 18 he decided to pursue a career in music.  Five years later he won “China’s Got Talent” at Shanghai Stadium on Sunday.

Wei performed his version of James Blunt’s “You’re Beautiful” via the piano with his toes.

“China’s Got Talent” began in July and is part of Simon Cowell’s “Got Talent” franchise.  The franchise is located in over 30 countries.

Cowell is best know for American Idol as well as his British version of “Got Talent” discovering Susan Boyle.

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Rutgers president response in Clementi’s suicide case

October 8, 2010 Leave a comment

Richard McCormick president of Rutgers University said he personally reviewed Tyler Clementi’s student records after the 18-year old jumped to his death.

McCormick feels the school responded appropriately to a complaint filed by Clementi and says, “I believe we did all we could and we did the right thing.”

He did not give any more information stating he had to keep Clementi’s records private due to student privacy laws.

Authorities are considering bias crime charges for the students that secretly taped Clementi and they are also subpoenaing Rutgers e-mails regarding Clementi.

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United States Supreme Court will hear military protest case on Wed

October 6, 2010 1 comment

The United States Supreme Court will hear an appeal case on Wednesday by Albert Synder, father of Lance Cpl. Matthew Snyder, Marine killed in a Humvee accident Iraq. Snyder wants his overturned $5 million award reinstated.

The funeral of Synder was picketed by Rev. Fred Phelps and members of Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas.  The church travels around the country picketing funerals of fallen soldiers stating the soldiers were killed as a punishment to the immorality of Americans, including tolerance of homosexuality and abortion.

The group held signs at the funeral that read “Thank God for Dead Soldiers” and “God Hates the USA.”

Albert Snyder of York, PA filed a lawsuit after the Phelpses picketed the funeral of his son.  He was awarded $11 million by a jury for compensatory and punitive damages.  A judge later reduced the award to $5 million.  The award was finally overturned by a Richmond, Virginia appeals court citing the church’s First Amendment rights.

The High Court will hear arguments from Snyder as well as representatives of the church.  The case boils down to Synder’s right to grieve privately versus the church’s first amendment right to voice their opinion no matter how hurtful.

“No American should ever be required to apologize for following his or her conscience,” said Margie Phelps, a daughter of Fred Phelps and the lawyer who is arguing the case for the church.

Information obtained from Fox5DC and AP

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Son of the late Senator Edward Kennedy is writing a memoir titled ‘Coming Clean’

October 6, 2010 Leave a comment

Rhode Island U.S. Rep. Patrick Kennedy, son of the late Sen. Edward Kennedy, is writing a memoir titled “Coming Clean.”

The publishing company of the memoir, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt announced Tuesday that the memoir is slated to for next fall.

“I realize that I have an enormous opportunity to turn my biggest liability – my illness, which includes addiction – into an asset to help countless numbers of Americans who quietly suffer and cannot afford treatment or risk telling their employers,” Kennedy said in a statement.

“That’s why I’m writing this book. I hope that by telling the real story of my own personal struggle, I can kick off my lifelong mission: to destigmatize addiction and other neurological ailments, and break down the barriers between research and treatment of different types of brain disorders.

“Coming clean about his family and himself is an important first step in his initiative to help the millions of Americans who suffer from similar afflictions.”

The 43-year old Democrat has battled depression, alcohol addiction and drug addiction.  He will be retiring from Congress after eight terms.

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