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2 arrested in anti-gay beating at famed NY gay bar

The Stonewall Inn

Sunday two men walked into the Stonewall Inn, heralded as a power symbol of gay rights movement, in New York and beat and allegedly robbed a man in the bathroom.  One man (Matthew Francis) beat the man, while the other man blocked the door.  Both men were arrested.  The Stonewall Inn is located at 53 Christopher Street, New York, NY 10014 at 7th Avenue South.

What would make Matthew Francis walk into a gay bar and batter a patron?

“I don’t like gay people. Don’t pee next to me,” Francis said, according to the prosecutor.

Was this a hate crime?

“Mr. Francis is not a violent person. Nor did he try to rob anyone,” said the attorney, Angel Soto. “There may have been a fight, but it certainly wasn’t a hate crime.”

Owner, Bill Morgan of Stonewall Inn wrote in an email

“We at the Stonewall Inn are exceedingly troubled that hate crimes like this can and do still occur in this day and age. Obviously the impact of these men’s violent actions is even deeper given that it occurred on the premises of the Stonewall Inn.”

“Even in a bar like the Stonewall Inn, which started a huge part of the gay rights movement — even the Stonewall Inn is not immune to this sort of violence, despite all of the work that they do to create a safe and tolerant atmosphere,” executive director Sharon Stapel said. “It’s incredibly sad.”

This attack comes on the heels of Friday night’s attack on several men in Manhattan.

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