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Lil Wayne moved to punitive segregation at Rikers Island

Grammy Award-winning international hip hop artist Lil Wayne (born DeWayne Carter) was accused of breaking jail rules and will be moved to “punitive segregation” for a month.  Headphones and a charger were found in Wayne’s cell in May.  The equipment was hidden inside of a potato chip bag that was placed in a trash can.

Prison officials say for the next month, Wayne will be confined to his cell 23 hours a day with the exception of visits and showers.  Other than that he will not be allowed to socialize with other inmates, not even during his one hour of recreation that he will receive once a day.

His phone access will go from once a day to once a week, with the exception of phone calls to his lawyer.

He will also lose his television access.

Lil Wayne and no television access means he will have more time to write.  A month’s worth of writing for him will eventually lead to more material for his catalog.

The rapper plead guilty in October 2009 to weapons charges.  He admitted to being in possession of a loaded semi-automatic gun on his bus back in 2007.

Wayne is received a one-year sentence for the charge.  He expected to serve eight months and released in November for good behavior despite the weapons charge.

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