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Alicia Keys plans to teach her child about the gift of charity [videos]

Alicia Keys and Sade

International recording artist, actress, newlywed and mother-to-be Alicia Keys says she plans to teach her child the gift of giving through charity.  Keys is the co-founder of Keep a Child Alive, which raises money for families affected by HIV/AIDS.

Alicia Keys says, “The baby is going to see everything we do and I think that we are giving individuals,” she said. “[Even] something small like reaching out to one person in the world can change that one person. That’s a big deal. I plan to show that [to my child].”

Keys is walking the talking.  Her foundation put on a star studded event in New York on Tuesday.  During the event she got to live out one of her dreams by singing a song with Sade.  Keys says she lost sleep over which song she wanted to sing with Sade and eventually chose “Love Is Stronger Than Pride.”

There were also featured appearances by Whitney Houston, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Usher, Jennifer Hudson, Swizz Beatz (Alicia Keys’ husband) and more.

Keys has also enlisted several of her celebrity friends (e.g., Kim Kardashian, Ryan Seacrest, Usher, Jay Sean, Katie Holmes and Swizz Beatz) to lend support to her charity by helping her with the launch of her “BUY LIFE” campaign.

“With the launch of our BUY LIFE campaign, I am confident less people will needlessly have to die because of lack of proper care which means more children will still have parents to raise them and guide them. I’m never more inspired, then when I’m doing this!” says Alicia.

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