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Obama’s half aunt says she has no reason to apologize for accepting public housing

Half-sister of President Barack Obama’s late father, Zeituni Onyango does not feel she needs to apologize for accepting public housing as well as $700 a month in disability, while living in the United States illegally.

Onyango says

This country is owned by almighty God,” she said in her first interview since being granted asylum in May. “You people who preach Jesus Christ, almighty God, and the rest of it, you are here to help people, help the poor, help other countries and help women. That’s what the United States is supposed to do.

Obama’s half aunt currently lives in Boston public housing, where she received $700 a month in disability benefits.

She says she wanted to return to her native Kenya, however according to Onyango, she fell critically ill and was hospitalized.  When she was better she could not afford to move and lived in a homeless shelter for two years.

According to AP, Onyango was granted asylum earlier this year, because her life could have been in danger based on her family ties to the President of the United States.

Onyango says the United States is a great country.  She goes onto say, “You can do whatever you want when you live here.”

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  1. September 23, 2010 at 9:31 am

    how is that she qualifies for disability if she is here illegally & i’m assuming, has never worked here to have money in social security disability? if she’s receiving SSI, again, she’s here illegally. how can she be legally receiving benefits? her comments about doing what you you want when you live in the US speaks volumes to the misconception/perception of life in the US that is held in many parts of the world. in ignorance, we allow it to proliferate & it’s detrimental to our future well being. i am glad that she has been granted political asylum for the sake of her safety, however, there are just certain aspects of this story that i do not understand how they are allowed to be.

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