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Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs is being sued for age discrimination

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Former Diddy employee Francesca Spero (55) says she was fired due to her age.  Spero was an executive at Bad Boy Entertainment for 12 years until she was dismissed in March.

Spero claims she helped launch the career of Diddy by introducing him to hip hop mogul Russell Simons as well as Uptown Records.

A publicist for Combs says

“there are many reasons why Ms. Spero is no longer employed by Bad Boy, but age discrimination is not one of them.”

Spero filed an age discrimination suit against Diddy in a Manhattan federal court on Wednesday.

TMZ says, according to the docs

Spero claims Diddy was “unsympathetic to her condition” — and ultimately tried to freeze her out of the company.

This seems to be the year that former employees of Diddy and Bad Boy are coming out of the woodwork to talk about how Diddy allegedly did them wrong.

We have to be more careful when we choose names for our companies.  I am sure Diddy’s definition of ‘bad’ is good/hot and not bad in the literal sense.

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