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James Jay Lee holds an unconfirmed amount of hostages at Discovery Channel in Silver Spring


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Gunman identified by Fox news as James Jay Lee (43) is armed and allegedly took a hostage at the Discovery Channel located in the heart of downtown Silver Spring, Maryland.

His permanent address is San Diego, CA although he has been known to have an apartment not far from the White House in Washington, D.C.

According to Fox news the man is apparently upset with the Discovery channel saying they are want to protect the planet, but they are over glorifying fishermen that over fish the waters and more.

Lee has a website called SavethePlanetProtest.com.  According to WhoIs the following in the info for that site …

James Lee c/o Free Private Reg
P.O. Box 81024
Burnaby, BC V5H 4K2


Administrative Contact:
Lee, James savetheplanetprotest.com@freeprivateregistration.com
P.O. Box 81024
Burnaby, BC V5H 4K2

Workers say they were first instructed to go to their offices and lock the door, then they later heard via the announcement system to evacuate the building.

Eye witnesses watched the day care being evacuated to a near by McDonalds.  Evacuations took place from the back entrance (South side) of Discovery building.  Infants were removed from the building in evacuation cribs.

The nearby Silver Spring metro station is allowing passengers off, however they are not allowing any passengers to board the train at said station.


James Jay Lee had a handgun.  Police have not confirmed shots that were heard earlier in the day.

Police have confirmed the gunman is holding an unconfirmed amount of hostages.  Police are negotiating and trying to get gunman to peacefully release the hostages.  Police will not confirm or deny the identity of the gunman, however they have the same news that everyone else has that his identity is that of James Jay Lee.  Police will not also confirm the identities of the hostages or if the hostages have been injured.

South entrances to Silver Spring metro are accessible.  The entrance near the Discovery channel is not open.


James Lee’s Myspace page:  http://www.myspace.com/worldguardian/

Lee was arrested in 2008 for Disorderly Conduct.  He was given six months of supervised probation and fined $500.


St. Michael’s school is on lock down until further notice. All doors have been locked and all blinds have been drawn.  <— according to Fox news via the Archdiocese.


All buses have been evacuated from Silver Spring Metro Station (red line).  The Wayne Avenue entrance to the station has been closed.  Other entrances are open.

Currently the situation is being handled by Montgomery County Maryland.  The FBI has not been involved at this time.

Lee has canisters on his person and the Police Chief confirmed they looked like pipe bombs.  The contents of the two back packs that are near Lee have not been confirmed.


James Jay Lee was shot and taken into custody.  The three hostages that he was holding escaped safely.

Cops say one of the devices strapped to Lee exploded during the confrontation.

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