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Simon says no to auto-tune for ‘X-Factor’


After fans flooded message boards last Saturday, complaining contestants of ‘X-Factor’ voices had been altered, Simon Cowell wants all auto-tune technology removed from the show so the authentic sound of contestants can be heard.

Simon wants audiences of ‘X-Factor’ to trust the show and says …

“People have got to be able to trust ‘The X-Factor’ — we are not faking anything,” Cowell told the British press.

“People love this show, millions watch it every week and we absolutely respect that. We never take it for granted.”

A spokesperson for ‘X-Factor’ said …

A spokesman for the show said that Auto-Tune was used to “deliver the most entertaining experience possible for viewers” and that the judges never critiqued contestants based on the “corrected” versions.

Simon was a former judge of the popular U.S. version of American Idol and is now working on a U.S. version of ‘X-Factor’ to debut on Fox in the fall of 2011.

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