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Cincinnati woman arrested for erotic driving


Uhm … I am speechless on this one.  According to Elmwood Place Police Department Arrest and Investigation Report Colondra L. Hamilton was stopped for equipment violation; car windows were tinted too dark.

The police were in for more than they bargained for when they …

entered the car to check the purse and driver’s seat/area of the car.  In the purse 2 burt char and broken piece of crack pipe was discovered.

Well so far this sounds like a traffic stop that was familiar to the police, however it gets better.

The Operator (driver) was observed with her pants unbuttoned and a vibrator in her lap.  She advised that she had been using it while watching a video on the computer the passenger was holding.

Wow! Talk about multi-tasking. At least she was honest huh?  Oh and that must have been one heck of a movie to put not only her life and the life of the passenger in danger, but also the lives of everyone on the road.

To see the police report and picture of the driver of the car, please visit http://www.thesmokinggun.com/documents/bizarre/woman-nabbed-auto-erotic-crime.

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